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vertical sliding window has been developed as the ultimate replacement for older style sash windows. Made from impact resistant PVC-u, this window provides a product of such eye-catching appeal to grace any property, supplemented with improved draught proofing, heat retention and sound proofing.

Security is enhanced through the combination of internal glazing and the claw interlock between the two sliding sections. The window provides an easy sliding action by use of correctly tensioned balances. The mechanism allows either sash to be retained in inward tilt, enabling the outer surface to cleaned from the inside.
Traditional Craftmanship Using Modern Technology

A wide variety of decorative options and colour choices are available, designed to the finest detail for a perfect finish. Tilting sahes are a majour feature, allowing ease of cleaning. Tilt restrictors ensure the tilt mechanism works smothly and safely.

The Spectus VS provides a blend of advanced technology with the craftsmanship of old. It is a simple solution in a long term, cost efective, window maintenance, with all the benefits and comfort of modern living.