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Tricept Window Security
Fitted with the unique Tricept 9 Point Locking System, you can feel safe and secure
in your home, knowing that every opening window is secured on all 4 sides.
Tricept Door Security
For your ultimate security every Tricept door is now fitted with the unique Magnum Superior cylinder, tested and accredited to British Standards against all known cylinder manipulation. And for your convenience, it is supplied with 5 keys as standard.
The Tricept 14 Point Lock Includes:-
2 x top and bottom shoot bolts.
3 x outer/inner facing hook locks.
2 x dead-locks.
1 x center locking latch.
6 or 4 roller cams
(dependent on door height).

In addition, every Tricept door is fitted with 3 high security, rebated hinges that each include an anti-jemmy claw as standard.