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Victorian Door Surround

This beautiful surround will bring any doorway to life. Designed and crafted in the classic Victorian style, pillars are available at 2100 high and 2300 high.

These attractive pillars are available in a choice of 3 whites and 1 brown.
The top can be supplied in lead-look finish.

Georgian Door Surround

A beautiful surround, the Georgian features are sharp and clear cut. Pillars available at 2100 high and 2300 high. The top lintel can also be stretched to a max 3000 mm size. Alternatively, this surround comes in
Victorian Winged Door Surround

We have developed a unique design enabling the winged ends of the surround to be extended to suit your application.

(also available in flat-top Georgian Style)



Custom-made door surrounds can be made to your own specifications using our detailed GRP fascia. This can be fabricated to fit around any door opening, garage doors and even shopfronts to enhance their appearance, giving a high quality maintenance-free surround. These create a good looking frontage that will stand the test of time.